(ps this post was originally made by wildeandquinn on tumblr)
Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is often considered a love stone or a healing stone. Keeping a large piece of rose quartz in your bedroom or a room you are frequently in should help promote a love and nurturing atmosphere and environment helping negate negative energy! It’ll also help maintain happiness and love in your home. Remember to cleanse the stone with sage or tea, and they charge it with ‘running’ rose water. Do this as you see fit!

Smokey Quartz
Smokey quartz is a great general cleansing crystal, this stone will remove dense energies and will replace it with a clear, clean and an uplifting energy! They’re very grounding and protective crystals and will help clear anxieties or negativeness that may occur in the home! Cleanse and charge in moonlight.

Black Obsidian
This is an excellent protection stone, this stone works by absorbing negative energies. It helps release tension and disharmony, allowing you home to be less tense and allowing less arguments to take place (hopefully)! We recommend you keep two pieces on each side of your front door to prevent any negative energies from coming into your home. Be sure to cleanse and charge it in moonlight!

This crystal absorbs negative energy and helps create a tranquil and happy atmosphere. Place an Amethyst cluster in rooms you frequent for this effect, it also helps you sleep better if you keep it in your bedroom! Cleanse and charge in moonlight, too!

If you don’t own crystals, don’t worry! Sigils often have some of the same effects as them. As well as this, salt lamps often cover some of the properties of the stones too, and are relatively cheap to buy!