(ps this post was originally made by angelic-crow on tumblr!)
Crystals, much like people, can get tired. Especially if you use them a lot, or wear them. Crystals need to be cleansed and refreshed every once in a while, so they can work to their fullest ability. (And be happy in their own crystal way lool)

There are numerous ways to cleanse crystals, and all of these can infuse different energies~ Yet beware, some cleansing methods aren’t healthy depending on the crystal hardness/ color.

SALT: Salt is a great method for stripping away muddled or negative energies because salt absorbs. It’s not particularly the best for charging, however it can be good to get the crystal in a relatively neutral and clean state if you want to do an enchantment of some sort.
I personally always use salt when I get new crystals, so that way the energies it picked up before can be washed away- especially if the crystal was from a thrift shop or another secondhand shop.
I always have a cup filled with salt to bury crystals, in order to cleanse them.

WATER: Beware, this is one of the cleansing methods that isn’t fit for all crystals. Some crystals are so soft they dissolve in water. If your crystals are compatible with water, water is very good for a deep cleansing. It’s gentle, soothing, and crystals often have a very refreshed feeling after being in the water. I personally love soaking my crystals in creeks, lakes, or some other natural water source. However, tap water in a cup, or just running tap water over it is just fine. Cup water is more efficient when doing a deep cleanse.
Bonus water cleansing, is showing with crystals. The water cleanses them, while it adds the crystals flair to you showering experience~

FIRE: Basically, just swoosh the crystal through fire. You can hold it in your hand when you do this, or swing it on a metal cord. Be careful not to knock the source of fire down, or use anything thats flammable.
Fire isn’t fit for everyone, and you have to be quick and if you’re not fast, there’s a high chance of getting burned. Also, the crystal has a high chance of getting soot/dirtying it. Yet, it’s a fast cleansing and it gives the crystal a nice warmth. The crystals energy is often spunky after absorbing some fire. It’s good for a quick cleanse, and sometimes I do this method when I’m low on time, lool.

EARTH: Burying crystals in earth is another method of cleansing. That way the soil can absorb any negative energies while filling them with Earth’s loving and grounding energies. I personally have never used this method but I’ve read it in numerous places, so I included it. Cx

SUNLIGHT: The sun is a powerful entity, with rays that are full of positive energy and spunkiness. It’s good to energize crystals and make them have an uppity feel. However, it may not charge them with the most calming energy, it’s good for infusing them with extra spunk if you have fatigue or something of the sort.
I also use this when removing negative energy, like salt which removes, the sun does a very good job with transforming negative energy into light. I use this a lot for cleansing black Obsidian.
Beware, for lighter crystals like Amythest or Rose quartz, any light colored stone- the harsh rays of the sun may cause a faded color.

MOONLIGHT: The moon is another majestic entity, much like the sun. However, the moon is a lot more soothing and calming. The full moon’s light is a very popular time to cleanse and recharge crystals, as the moon is in the height of her glow. It’s a wonderful time to cleanse lunar stones like Moonstones, or psychic gentle stones like Amythest.

AMYTHEST CLUSTER: Amythest Cluster, if it’s big enough, is good to cleanse other stones. Just place the crystals in the clusters and like them bond and share energy. Don’t forget to cleanse the Amythest clusters every once in a while tho~

PERSONAL ENERGY: Place the crystal in your hand, and share your energy with it. Visual the negative energy and transform it into something healthy, and if you want to, recharge it with your intent. I don’t cleanse crystals like this often, as it can be draining depending on how often you do it and how tired the crystal is.