It is a tradition, among some Native Americans, to look away from the eclipse. To respect the sacred Reunion of sun and moon.

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Some see the sun and moon as lovers. Others, brother and sister. The truth is, there are a million different myths regarding each solar body. But I'm not here to tell a story, I'm here to share my thoughts.

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The eclipse has symbolism on a basic level, regardless of your personal philosophy. It is two opposite things coming together. Rarely do they meet but when they do, when they collide in their fullest form, it's magnificent. Crickets start chirping mid afternoon, flowers shrink up, birds cease their chirping and the daytime becomes illuminated by stars. Millions travel from around the world to watch the show.

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Truth is...America, could use an eclipse. We have become so obsessed with our differences. I want higher taxes, she wants lower taxes. I care about veterans, he focuses on the homeless. I'm fired up with passion for the progressive movement. They're cold in their insistence on traditional values. We have drifted apart from one another, as far apart as the sun is from the moon.

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But the truth is the sun and the moon aren't so different. Both have lived in the sky for million, billions of years. Both have been the subject of countless lore and stories over the years. And both light up our lives one way or another. The farthest distance the moon and sun are apart is 152,503,397 kilometers! But if these two can work together, at least for a little while, why can't we?

paris, moon, and eclipse image Why don't we take a lesson from the eclipse. Put our differences aside and grow closer. Imagine what we could do, if we did it together.

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