The Western Isles are a chain of islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the Northwest coast of Scotland. The Islands are also known as the Outer Hebrides or officially called by the Gaelic name, Na h-Eileanan Siar or Innse Gall ("islands of the strangers").

There are various important prehistoric structures, many of which pre-date the first written references to the islands by Roman and Greek authors.

Much of the western coastline of the islands is machair, a fertile low-lying dune pastureland.

The St Kilda wren is a subspecies of wren whose range is confined to the islands whose name it bears. In European folklore, the wren is the king of the birds, according to a fable attributed to Aesop by Plutarch ~

The eagle and the wren strove to fly the highest. The wren rested on the eagle's back, and when the eagle tired, the wren flew out above him.

Thus, Plutarch implied, the wren proved that cleverness is better than strength.

In Japan, the wren is labelled king of the winds.

In Scotland, it was the Lady of Heaven's Hen, a name used for Rhiannon.

It was a sacred bird to the druids, who considered it "king of all birds", and used its musical notes for divination.

The shape-shifting Fairy Queen took the form of a wren, known as "Jenny Wren" in nursery rhymes.

A wren's feather was thought to be a charm against disaster or drowning.