A stand-alone tale of women associated with the sea. Folklore and mythology blend with an essence of truth depicting the feminine spirit. A romantic version of humanity.

Paradise bounty
her sweet innocence and youth
unaware of fate

A purple flower
scents of violets and mead
echo through her soul

His mouth an apple
his kiss an ethereal dream
encircled, she’s his

Eyes appear that see
a crime of forbidden love
rage and fury flames

Hearts torn asunder
banishment they both depart
disgraced, gates open

Under starry sky
the four rivers of her heart
drowns out the sorrow

Float on ocean’s waves
her heart now seeks a new home
broken but hope breathes

Muted horizon
she finds a land of plenty
but hell becomes home

Gazing out to sea
serenading memories
waves against the shore

The wings of a bird
soaring high in the heavens
he seeks what she lost

Ancient endearment
of the star-crossed love gone by
it's light now fading

Wildmen in forests
Herne the hunter seeks her
in sacred marriage

A new clan inland
the past is fading away
the apple haunts her

A woman’s soul crushed
in a land of warring men
fragile yet divine

Waterfalls in mist
she falls to her knees and prays
begging for the light

Woodwose hunted down
the crown removed from nature
roses overgrown

The secret garden
where seeds of truth lay dormant
fenced off from the world

Sacred feminine
close your eyes and hear her name
carried on the wind

~ Tracey-anne McCartney
Storytelling Haiku