If you know anything about American college football then you kinda know what university I go to, if not then don't worry about it it's not important to the story.
When I first decided to go the college I'm currently enrolled in, I knew my friend wasn't going to it but instead to one 2 hours away. So, I would have to choose a roommate and new friends. And for someone who's friendly but still quiet I'd say I made a really good effort with the people I had in classes, but that's where the friendships ended for me. They were merely class friends, and yeah sure we added each other on social media but besides liking Instagram posts and watch Snapchat stories the friendship didn't really grow from there. And the friendship with my roommate didn't really either. I also went back home a lot to visit my boyfriend who was working instead of going to college and I would say I went twice a month or more, so i wasn't really spending much time in my college town to spend time with the people that were there and that i think was the number one reason i didn't make friends outside of classes because out side of classes i didn't have time to spend with them or at least didn't want to.
You could say that i didn't really want to make friends but just wished i had them. i could also be described as a loner, because at home i stay in my room and don't see much of my family.
Black to college. The classes i had weren't really any different from my high school's classes or at least how i treated them. so i really wouldn't freak out about them, but i am an art major so every major is going to be different.

summary: college = high school = life these are all going to be the same. you're going to hear the same things throughout life and nothing will change. nothing ever changes in the scheme of things. and even if you do manage to change the urges you were trying to run away from are always going o be in the back of your mind, they don't just go away. and maybe this is a negative way to think of it, but if you know that then maybe it can make things a little easier or better understood and a little less scary.