Hi I'm Kyomoto wanna hear something scary (snarled reference)
I'm planning things for you guys to see if you like this series. If you do I'll continue. Comment and tell me what you think!!!

This is part 1

The woman in the woods, that's the only thought that comes to mind when I was in West Virgina. It was a well-known legend that kept children up all night. News, Documentaries, and experiments have come to sightings with this thing.

It was the year of 2003, my dad and I had moved from California to West Virgina for his new job. I was not all that happy about moving, but seeing my dad happy made it feel as if it wouldn't be that bad. School was a shitbag, but I did make a few friends. There's Adam, computer nerd, Vanessa, a literal walking google, Jesse, camera guy, and Karlie, a history wiz.
I guess you can call us a strange group, but we get each other. Till Vanessa started dating this guy Anthony. That's when everything went downhill.