Hi that's me on the picture. I like this site because is very stressfree. You can post whatever you want and have someone somewhere in the world actually liking it. And I'm not talking about the common popular overrated stuff around. I've been on this site since 2014 and I have nearly 4850 followers. I know that I could have much more of them if only I put aside my pride and shamelessly post stuff I don't give a s+++ about it but could bring me thousand of followers.

There are many on this site that just reblog stuff or post predictable things. Like the people on youtube that only do one stuff, whether is React to stuff, Talk about News, Cover songs, Drawing etc.

Why limit your interest only towards one thing? When you could do lots of stuff at the same time, bot because you would like more followers but only to try new things. Life is so damn so short and so many waste it doing only one thing. Even if that thing was your passion, please don't focus only on that. Keep trying new things.

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