Recently I have been posting more and more vigorously to a collection titled "fashion" and have become more self aware of the fact that the plus size community, to me, seems unnoticed. I rarely come across the plus size community and have the sudden urge to address this issue. I seem to have neglected the plus size fashion industry within this community and for that i feel ashamed of myself. Body positivity should be acknowledged and appreciated by women AND men of all sizes. I feel that this new article feature gives me the opportunity to use my voice and make my concerns heard because there are so many beautiful women out there in the plus sized community ignored. Since plus sized models are being noticed more and more on other sites I'd like to make sure we also acknowledge them here, in this community too. I know there are those in this community who do fight for body positivity and I'm not at all saying they don't do enough I would just like to bring plus sized fashion more into this community and involve them more showing the beauty they have to offer.