Hi, this is my first post on here, i have wanted to have my own blog before but never actually done it, however thanks to We Heart It i am able to do so.

For my first post i am going to be doing my top 5 songs/albums of August. These songs/albums weren't all released in August, they are just the music that i have been listening to a lot in August.

Kesha ~ Rainbow

This album was released in August and i feel in love with it. I have loved Kesha's music for quite a while and when she made a comeback i was so happy. All the songs on the album are so powerful and show how far she has come.

kesha and rainbow image
Kesha ~ Rainbow album cover

My favourite songs on the album are:

  • Praying, which was the first song she released when she made her comeback. This song has so much meaning and i love everything about it.
  • Learn to let go, i really like the beat to this song, it's quite upbeat and catchy. The lyrics talk about having to having to let go of the past and all the bad things that have happened in life.
  • Hymn, this is also quite an upbeat song as well. I feel like this song is about life and how people choose to live it no matter what people think.
  • Woman, this song is a very powerful song for all the woman out there. It is related to being a feminist and talks about how woman can do the exact same as men and can make their way in the world without a man in their life.

L Devine ~ School Girls

This song came out last month and i discovered it about a week or two ago. It has an amazing beat and relatable lyrics. This is her first song and I'm excited to see what else she brings to the music industry.

album, l devine, and music image
School Girls

The Script ~ Rain

I have always liked some of The Script's songs, they are always on the charts and always do so well. I love the cover art for this song as well, the colours work so well together. This is a fast paced song that has a catchy tune.

album, the script, and music image

Marshmello ~ Silence

This song features Khalid, i hadn't heard any music from both the artists before but there was something about this song that really caught my attention. I only discovered this song today but i knew instantly that it was going to be a favorite of mine.

music and song image

Pheobe Ryan ~ Forgetting all about you

I had listened to Pheobe Ryan's music for quite a while, my favorite is a mashup of the song Ignition by R.Kelly and Do you by Miguel.

This song features Blackbear, who i had heard of but never listened to before. There is a rap in the song which gives it something extra. This song id s up there with some of my all time favorites!

cover, music, and song image
Forgetting All About You

Thank you so much for reading my first blog, i hope it encourages you to listen to some new songs. You can most likely tell from all these songs that my music taste can be quite random.

I will be doing other posts in the future about music, life style, beauty and books.