Honeymoon, negotiation, adjustment, and adaptation.

These are the four phases of a culture shock, well according to Wikipedia. As a student who is a lover of different cultures, I thought I would go through this "honeymoon phase" forever in another country. But I guess I underestimated moving to a different country a bit.

Moving to a different country is exciting. New house, new surroundings, new people. So much to look forward to. The last couple of months I've had some ups and downs when it came to the idea of living abroad. At times I was so excited and I couldn't wait. Whereas on other occasions I'd rather stay home with everything I know.

On the 18th of august it was finally happening. I packed my bags, prepared myself for the flight and said goodbye to family and friends. Travelling to my destination was smooth and before I knew it I was in a new room that is going to be my home for the next four months.

Suddenly.. I wanted to go home. I felt tears in my eyes and sat down on my bed. I started texting family and friends that I had arrived and everything was ok. But on the inside I wanted to go back to the airport and book a flight back home.

So I guess I skipped the honeymoon phase and went straight for the Negotiation page. Nonetheless I'm going to have a good time here and meet so many friends. But the start of something new is always a bit difficult. Now it's time for the adjustment phase..