High school can be scary especially when you don't really know anyone, but it can be really easy making friends.

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5 Ways To Meet New People

  • Join a new club. By joining a club you will be able to socialize with people who has similar interests as you.
  • Take an elective. Many electives are open for multiple grade levels so maybe you'll be able to befriend an upperclassmen or an underclassmen
  • Join a sport team.This is a great way to meet new people because joining a team and spending time practicing with them can instantly make you know someone.
  • Volunteer. It may not seem that way but by volunteering you can meet someone volunteering at the same place as you and you can get to know each other as you are helping your community.
  • Go to a school dance. You may think it's weird going to a dance or party alone but there is nothing wrong with that! You might be surprised by who you may meet.