I had three serious relationships. One is still going strong. :)

My first love was in high school, we met in front of the classroom when he asked to borrow a book from me.It was not love at first sight but it was fun.After he gave me my book back he told me to open it when i get home.And I did.He wrote his number.It was so sweet.We texted for a while then we met in front of the school before classes, we talked about how hard high school is and how we have so much to study and what places do we usually go out to.He was interesting,funny and cute.We kissed for the first time at the birthday party.It was a clumsy kiss I was so nervous and in love with him.We spent so much time together we had a lot of fights (only with words of course) but we manage to stay together for 2 years.We separated when the high school was over only because we had different plans for the future.

My second love was in college.I studied abroad he lived back home.It was a long distance relationship with a lot of ups and downs.I wanted to go out,have fun,be with friends but still on the other hand I wanted to be with him and watch movies. He was jealous and that at the end ruined our relationship.He was my first everything.He meant so much to me and we were like one person.When I came home we would spent every single day together,partying,watching movies and having fun with friends.I had so many opportunities to cheat on him and eventually I did when I knew we were over.We were breaking up and at that time summer in Italy changed my way of thinking about us.I left him and it was the most emotional summer for me.

My third love is the most amazing and exciting one.He is still in my life and hopefully he will stay forever.We met at the concert when I gave him my number while showing the digits with my fingers.He was standing in front of the stage and I was sitting at the first row.We were too far away to meet but I did everything I could to give him my number.That was love at the first sight.We are in a long distance relationship but it works so well.I have my job back home he works abroad.We visit each other,we travel,we chat at all times and call each other every morning to say good morning have a nice day at work I love you.With him I learned to be more patient,understanding and open minded. Every fight with him was a new lesson for us both.We learn we talk and we keep being honest.We have ups and downs but we do not keep whats bothering us to ourselves.We talk all the time.We learned to do that.

I wish you all to have great love stories in your life and do not worry if it does not work out.If it doesn't than it was not meant to be.Move on,learn from it,stay strong.

P.S. if you want to know more or have something to share DM me. :)