I'm in my twenties and still don't know how people get sponsored, or how to upload a 20 minutes video on youtube without the video Freezing every single DAMN time.

so here i am, in my humble and ignorant(about this situation) self and ask you how do people get sponsored. I know you need to have a certain number of followers, and they HAVE TO BE on either Youtube, Twitter or Facebook, But I really can't bring myself to create anymore accounts.

I can't work on youtube because I'm still poor and lacking the essential material and software to upload videos every week. I've created a facebook account for my collection but no one give a s+++ about it so I just deleted it. Twitter looks quite boring and not profitable, so This site is my ultimate chance. So three days ago I've tried to apply to get some sponsors, but only discovered that it was only possible for YT, twitter, instagram and facebook owners to apply for it.

I didn't know if it was a joke or not but now

funny, reaction, and meme image

Another thing that surprised me while looking for sponsors where that there a none for this website. Why is that? Can someone please explain to my clueless self here?