My story goes like this:
I came from a really far country to the place I've never had the ability to dream of..
imagining it is just a bag of clothes going to be spread in a closet and have to choose a room and walla there it is heaven in a spoon of gold.

My language wasn't very good had to go to school and learn it I remember my teacher always used to say "not knowing a language is like a chicken running in the street without a head" funny hah? It wasn't for me because it was enough to let me know that it is going to be a hell of a work to do and become a doctor for my mum...

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I learned a lot from coming here and had a lot of friends a lot of them ditched me and were not what I expected a few were the realest and I'm happy with that at least one friend that is there all the time other than 10 friends only need you for their benefits and than they will be like "see you later"

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I'm honestly having the best life in year 12 and making my dream coming true and I gained a perception towards my future and what I really want to do..
I love coming to WHI and sharing my view I feel comfortable as if i'm throwing all my thoughts into a sea full of boats that could go to anywhere in the world..
I HOPE I DIDN'T TAKE SO MUCH OF YOUR TIME.. don't worry you are so beautiful and sooo loved...and I personally love you...XOXO

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