Just a friendly reminder that your self worth is not tied down to your outer beauty. You are more than the cystic acne on your face. You are more than the hypertrophic scars, the pustules, and the blackheads that encompass your skin. You are more than that little voice telling you to stop living your life over a fleeting moment in your existence.

You have a personality. You have feelings. You have dreams, you have passions. You have friends, you have family. You have people that care about you.
You are strong, you are smart. You are compassionate, and you are just. You believe in the goodness of life, and you believe in a better tomorrow.
You are deserving of love, but not just any type of "love". You deserve the greatest type of love. The true love that lasts a lifetime. The type of love that many can only dream of. Self-love.
You are beautiful, throughout all the stages of your life. Every imperfection, every flaw, every little detail that may deter your spirit; it is unique, and it is temporary.

We are temporary. Make it worthwhile.