After Lake Tahoe and the Salton Sea, this is the third largest body of water in California. If you are looking for a new Cali adventure this summer, try out Shashta Lake near Redding, California. I came upon this lake while roadtripping from Vancouver to Los Angeles. If you are doing the same type of drive or just find yourself in Northern Cali, I highly suggest making a day out of visiting this lake. Shashta is absolutely beautiful with its crystal, turquoise waters and mountain, alpine landscape.

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  • A free tour of the Shashta Dam. It is the second largest concrete dam in the country and also the site where Woddy Guthrie's wrote "This land is Your Land." So there is that.
  • Take a tour of the Shashta Caverns. This is a fascinating underground world only accessible by boat.
  • Rent a water craft. Everything from boast to jet skis to houseboats are available to rent in the marina. Bring your own or rent everything you need to spend the day fishing or inner tubing on the crystal clear water.
boats, california, and lake image