Hey y'all! I'm very excited with the new Weheartit feature - articles. With this, I'm going to mainly focus on fashion, makeup and photography but I'm super random so I guess you'll never know what I'm gonna post about next.

Tattoos are one of the things that I love the most. It's art for me! So I thought like "Why not talk about it on my first post?"

Finger tattoos are slowly getting popular nowadays. It's a small, not very painful, and cute tattoo to get. So, if you're a tattoo virgin and want to get fresh ink, I think that this is a great way to start. For the design, go simple. You can choose meaningful words to you, letters or a small drawing like a planet, a crown, a cross... it's up to you!

In the images below you can get some inspo for your finger tattoo, and you're gonna fall in love with it!

Image removed lovely, small, and tattoo image tattoo, lips, and rose image tattoo, family, and heart image crown, different, and nail image heart tattoo, pretty, and Tattoos image tattoo, nails, and style image tattoo, fingers, and henna image
There's thousands of styles to choose from!

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