KeepUGuessing Here,
First I'll start by saying: I love and appreciate every one of my followers! You guys really validate that I at least have some good taste:)

I've been trying to determine what it is I want to write about, and I've decided that I want to keep it simple. The reason why I love WHI Heart It soooo much is because it's all about the pictures! I want to honor everything this website represents by keeping it that way. I know a picture is worth "a 1,000 words", so I want to find the most interesting, unique, and beautiful pictures I can find and try my best to tell their stories.

Now I've never been good with putting a deadline on inspiration, so I would like to ask for your help. If any of you out there have an image that speaks to you, I would be happy to try and tell a story for you.

I only ask you keep me honest, be patient, and enjoy what you can from my new collection: The Silhouette Gazette.

Be the only author in your life🖊