Hey, so I know that these aren't the best, but they're fun to write so... enjoy<3 (don't take any of these to heart, as most were written at 3 am)

All is Fair in Love and War-
I wrote his name in permanent marker
He wrote my name in pencil
I loved him unconditionally
He wanted nothing to do with me
I realized I was just for show
He told me that I should go
In the end I chose to leave
In the end he hated me
So all is fair in love and games
So all is fair he cannot stay
Shows to prove that pencil is better than marker, for it can erase
Shows to prove that we cannot love, for it's all just a game

Last Petal-
You are picking up my petals,
One by one.
You are using me,
For your fun.
My petals will not stop falling,
You cannot save me now.
My petals just keep falling,
Onto the ground.
You are picking up my petals,
One by one.
I'm using up my air,
Exceeding my lungs.
My roots are being cut,
I'm losing your love.
I just can't take it anymore,
You're completely nonbearing.
You picked up all of my petals,
Now there are none.
You have picked up all of my petals,
Now I am done.

i am a princess the girl thought dressed in pastel
then she turned into her mirror and all that she saw was hell
the pain was hidden behind her eyes, behind her easy smile
she wasn't okay no matter how many times she tried to tell others, but mostly herself
everyone seemed to put her on the highest shelf
with beauty and confidence she seemed to have it all
they never really knew her or the pain she had experienced
she pushed it all behind a very heavy wall
she marched on through the days like a soldier in an assembly line
she hid her face, she ran away, she didn't want anyone to see her cry
why didn't she weigh a pound less or have blonde hair?
why did she have a beauty mark here and a huge scar there?
"WHY CAN'T I BE PERFECT??" she screamed into the night
she cried herself to sleep hoping to rid of the world around her and these horrible nightmares that took even more of her light

forget the monsters under my bed
beware the ones screaming in my head
their shouts and cries overpower my mind
they take over my body and render me blind
forget halloween
call me killer queen
i can't help the whispers in my ear
this world has me living in fear
and the screams seem to die in my throat as i call out for help
we all may look fucking fine but humanity has you all under a spell
please try reading my eyes im not okay
we look for the monsters everyday
but here they are. walking around
they might never be found
some of them scream and some of them shout
but some whisper and keep going about
look at all this chaos and pain
i hope one day it can all just go away