What I learned so far:

1. Don't quit. If you really want something- go for it! DO NOT STOP! No matter how many times you may fall. Just don't quit even when you feel like it's never going to work out. Trust me honey, it will! Things just take time. And sometimes it takes more time to achieve your goal than for others, but that's just because they are struggling somewhere else. Everybody has a thing going on that looks like it's not achievable.

2. So therefore it is important to think positive. Imagine already having the goal you want to achieve. How awesome does it feel? Think about it. Don't invest in negative thoughts. All of the things you think about the most will come true! So it's your choice if you want a positive or a negative aspect.

3. Fake it until you make it!
Go get yourself a bag that looks like the Chanel! Act like you already achieved your goal!

4. Still work towards your goal. If you want to get an A at yor final test- study! study! study! and tell yourself that you can do this! because you can! It's just a matter of perspectivity and your inner believing in yourself.
You can handle whatever is going on in your life. end of discussion.

5. You're gonna grow from hard times. Hard times are always good lessons and you should also embrace those, because next time- you will definitely do better.

6. And because you are working that hard on yourself, take your time to treat yourself. Take a walk through the forrest, go shopping, take a day off and make yourself a coffee, do netflix and chill all day, take a bath, eat some snacks, cook yourself a great meal, put on a face mask, and so on..
7. Never let anybody take you down. Never. Most of the time people's opinions of somebody else are based on what they see or want to see. Just because they think you are rude or shy, doesn't mean you actually are. What matters is what you are thinking about yourself and if you act kind.

8. The last point ist hard, but it's absolutely true. Crying over a guy who clearly isn't into you is useless and a waste of time. Just let him go. You'll do better. Promise.