Fear, a four letter word that can create so much conflict within and outside of oneself if one allows it. Fear when it comes to non platonic relationships is not something to carry with pride. It can cause one to miss out on beautiful experiences, whether hard, easy or the in between, there can be no solid foundation without some work. It is hard when you continually contemplate your steps so heavily in regards to expressing your feelings, and although I think if you are unsure about something then you should step back, observe, reflect, and then act later on. It is different if you genuinely feel your vibe being attracted to someone else's. You know the possibility is real, you know it is only fear that is holding you back, it is only fear that is making you anxious, making you a nervous wreck, making you second guess your mind and heart so many times that you overthink and over analyze. Well just remember, in all your observation of this other someone, are there signs of mutual feelings? Are there signs of respect? Are there signs of acceptance? Just from observing and reflecting you can tell when someone sees you for you but still looks at you without judgement. I say if this is the case, "feel the fear and do it anyway". It is better to express your feelings and thoughts than it is to compress them. You may just get the outcome you desire, and if you don't, at least you tried, at least you can move on knowing you acted, instead of having never done nothing. Fear can be positive and negative, but in matters of the heart, it is often a negative factor. Don't let fear close doors in relationships that can be opened. We are all just having a human experience as hard as that may be to comprehend, giving the times in which we live and have lived. So do what you can, while you still can.