You must be beautiful
Beauty is perfection and perfection is something we should strive for.
We hear these things so often, we start to believe them
Were made to feel like if we don't look a certain way, were not good enough,
were worthless.

You see 'fat' people don't be long here.
You must suck in your stomach until you can no longer breath,
flaunt your chest to show pride,
smile, smile until your face hurts,
smile until you mean it because it's easy to fake a smile when you've been doing it for a while.
Most importantly, you must always be yourself, love who you are...
But you need to be pretty first so maybe you should skip another meal.

We become obsessed, stepping on the scale twice a day wondering why the number hasn't gone down!

Eventually, you'll learn to stay standing at parties because if you dare sit down your thighs will inflate like a balloon..

Were filled with so much hate towards ourselves,
we don't even know what to do with it.
But were not taught to be proud of who we are, no!
Were taught that there are expectations that we need to meet by becoming experts at applying makeup in hopes that someone knows how to fix this mess!

You hate the skin you hide in because you feel like you will never be good enough.
You're so filled with hate you suffocate from these toxic words of society.

You may not be a beauty queen, or a model,
but that doesn't mean that you are not beautiful, Xx