Running....the endless ...non stop ... running

the white spot in the hollow darkness that is threatening to consume you

girl, forest, and run image

you keep running... maybe you can pull it through and survive
but, what if in the process you become the darkness itself..

black and white, dark, and Darkness image

what if, when you believe that you are spared and saved, you won't realize that it finally got you?

fantasy, wallpaper, and landscape image
fantasy, wallpaper, and landscape image

so, what if look behind...

pink, dress, and flowers image

stop running... face it

dress image

run to It

forest, girl, and run image

and fight?

fanart, fantasy, and fire image
fantasy, wallpaper, and landscape image

become what the darkness afraids...

art, blood, and fantasy image

something it can not chase ...

owl, snow, and fantasy image
moon, witch, and dark image

but something that itself will ...

fire, art, and fantasy image
run far away from