[freestyle prose poem written tonight in one sitting]

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“you need to take lsd”
“i took it”
“yeah but how many years ago”
“fuck you, it’s not a booster shot”
that’s his standard response to
disliked stimuli
fuck you
said flippantly and back in his throat like the mall rats (valley gurl aesthetic, purely aesthetic [ganguro hair and makeup and early 2000s everything {tight}]) on the station
he was wearing elytra wings on his nails
which was so bougie of him
they were glued on with probably
some kind of non dangerous chemical
the old bram would have used hot glue
or something that would soak into his bloodstream
and fuck him up
he used to hold the harsh cut coins of our homeland so hard they cut the insides of his hands
this was a liability we held by carrying cash
and the smell of change was indistinguishable to us from the scent of blood
and he went from that to holding little pills
and now that hand is occupied by his cell
that second neurological organ
that connects to his visual cortex with an umbilical thread
it fizzed and feathered when the drugs kicked in
i remember
the first thing to be affected
and melt and cloud like an elderly eye
i remember
that his black and green painted lower lip
opened in shock and slid down down his face
it was a paper slicer down his chest
the midline (i remembered from my week in medical school)
spilling out flesh that had been eaten away by tiny
robots or animals
i still could never tell what she gave me
it was blue like liquid in a paper towel commercial
it looked so fake
smelled like latex and soap and meat
and it poisoned everything it touched
it fucked everything in its path
and he was running down from the balcony in the club
all screaming
and i remember him splashing on his boyfriend at the time
and i smelled his leather jacket burning
then his flesh
and he kicked bram down with a plastic platform boot
everyone was screaming curse words and the names of the gods
the boyfriend clutched his shoulder (i think his name was spencer now)
and there was a wet sizzle
and spencer’s arm fell off and rolled a little in the shag carpet like a puppy
and i guess now i’m a mass murderer
all i wanted to do
was remind him of what was important