Hi guys. I hope it's okay not to be formal in this cus I don't rly want to be. Also I don't want to use all of the correct punctuation and grammar bc that's a lot of work.

so I just wanted to spill what's been on my mind for several weeks now, some stuff I've been longing to share with my followers but couldn't cram into a caption and get the same message across.

I wanted to share how unique i think WeHeartIt is. I literally don't know anybody else who uses WHI the way you and I do. To me, WHI is an escape from the real world (and the real world is terrible. I wish i was born a flower or bird or rock w no feelings). Every night, i put some soft, pretty music on and disappear into an alternate universe.

Here, my followers and my mutuals are my friends and we know and understand each other, all without saying a word. Nobody knows me like yall know me. I don't even know me like yall know me. So yea, it is a lonely existence, but I'm not alone when I'm here. i really have to thank you guys for being with me. idk what i'd do without yall.

p.s. sorry i change my profile pic 7 times a day, i can never choose lol.