© 2015 Copyright by D.J. Dana C. Drake

On the outdoor stage with a saxophonist
And the beating of the Latin drums
I saw a young man strumming on his guitar
With plucking fingers and his thumbs

He played the meanest melodies under heaven
Because his calling is to play
His invigorating concerts — a wonderful way
To end a workload burdened day

With total command of his own guitar
I really know that he’s gonna fly
With a song of wildfire I call my friend
The bright rock star in the sky

Some can dance the tango in his live shows
And his music reaches new heights

The saxophone, bass guitar, drummer and friend
Are playing under a flood of lights

The crowds would cheer and the ladies would scream
And there was dancing in the aisles
The castanets would click like a tick tock tick
And you could hear the song for miles