We humans pride ourselves so much on our intelligence and yet we fail to communicate with one another, fail to live cohesively, fail to respect another living being, fail to appreciate the breathe of life we receive each and every day. What “intelligence” do we possess after all?
I know these past two articles have been slightly more on the negative side, but I've been so disappointed with humanity lately. The Neo-nazi rallies in Virginia, the terrorist attack leaving 13 dead and 50 injured in Spain, two man-children threatening to use nuclear weapons on each other's countries, the accelerating mass extinction our generation is facing, the melting of the ice caps, etc have me feeling frustrated and angry. But at the same time, I see that my past article resonated with quite a few of you and that gives me hope. It makes me realize that our generation cares.It makes me realize that our generation will change the way our world works. It makes me realize that we are the revolution.

So if you have something to say, if you have something to stand up for, do it. Say it. Live it. Be the change you wish to see. All it ever took was one person to change the world. Let that person be you.