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The last thing I remember is opening that old book in the attic: its ruined leather left dust on my fingertips as I touched those old and torn pages. And that is when I stumbled into this fantasy world.
So far away from home, yet so close – in a forgotten book, on a bookshelf.
I found myself in a world of magic, foggy forests and dark paths and the lights of the stars.
And that is when he found me wandering lost in complete, utter terror: he grew up here instead, unaware, as a prince of an unknown fantasy inexistent kingdom. Or at least inexistent for me.
Here, the darkest depths of enchanted woods, my dreamy eyes looking into the unknown – leaves dripping in gold as they reflect the first ray of light, four moons floating in the midnight sky, scary monsters and his pointy ears. Oh, I can tell you would not believe your eyes.
Here, they live looking for answers in the wind and in constellations and he told me once he dreamed about a honey girl to be his queen. Like the color of my sunflower hair.
Running away from scary monsters, mist and fog. Holding my breath underwater, clinging onto him for dear life. So tight almost forgot my past life.
Frost and dew and the feel of magic in every creature.
Shooting arrows and not wanting to come back anymore.
A fairytale ending, in the sweetest whisper before you fall asleep.

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- Owl City - Fireflies
- Halsey - Castle
- The 1975 - Medicine
- Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon

Thank you for reading!
Juliet ~♥