• Hello, guys! Everything is fine?ヾ(・ω・o)

Today I decided to share my first cosplay with you ~
The first time I used it was in 2013, but the photoshoot I'll show was made about one year later! When I first wore it in 2013 I didn't gave much attention to details and stuff, so I'll show the version were I was more careful about those things (it's way better than the 2013 one). ( ̄▽ ̄)

My first cosplay was Echo from Pandora Hearts! ♥

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Echo is my favorite Pandora Hearts character, which is my favorite work ever and also the first anime I ever watched. She appears in PH after some episodes, being presented as a servant from the Nightray house. She's a very special character to me. The way she acts and the decisions she makes are simply too much for my heart... I love her personality! <3
You can see way more of her development if you read the manga, but even if you only watch the anime you'll surely be able to recognize her essence.
She's a qt pie, you can't help but love her... ;_;

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... And here are the olds pics! I'm planning on doing a new Echo photoshoot soon! I found a Vincent cosplayer to take them with me <333 very hyped
But we'll take the pictures later, because now it's very hot here... I think we would die on that costumes :'D
If you're a cosplayer, what was your first cosplay! Comment for me! ♥
Well, that's it for today! Hope you guys liked it!