Aspen walked into the room cautiously, her boots clacking loudly throughout the room as she walked on the tile. The room was large, and white with a grand ceiling, with intricate designs painted on the ceiling. The king sat on the throne at the far side of the room. She walked till she stood of few feet in front of him. She kneeled and said, "you summoned me my lord,"
"Yes, rise my dear." The king said his voice velvety as he spoke, his voice it was so manipulative. After serving him for a year she knew to never let his voice manipulate her, as it did so many. Aspen rose, her hand falling the near the katana at her side.
"I have a job for you, a new target to kill," the King said. That's right, she was an assassin. Aspen had been working for the king for about a year, to pay off her debt, the debt of her now deceased family. "There is a group that has targeted me as my spy tells me. They are dangerous and they must all be taken care. This is a very important job Aspen, and I expect it done with no traces left behind."

"Yes sire, it shall be done," Aspen said. "Sire, if I may, I have been working for you for a year, how much longer do I have until my debt is payed."
More than anything she wanted to finished with the killing. There was so much blood on her hands, blood of the innocent who angered the king and blood of the evil who targeted him. She was nothing more than a puppet, a puppet to this puppet master who manipulated her strings so easily.
"You will be finished when I say and not before!" The king yelled angrily. "You are my assassin and I tell you when you're finished."
Aspen gripped the hilt of her katana angrily. She could kill him so easily, with one swing. Out of all that she has killed he is the one she only wants to kill yet she is stuck as his puppet. She felt like she would be stuck here forever as his puppet, with an endless debt, drowning in the blood of her victims.
"This job cannot be down alone, the rest will help you, now leave my sight!" The King yelled. She steeled her exterior, her face becoming cold and, her stone barriers coming up to hide her feelings within. That's what she did best, hide. She could expertly hide herself behind her stone barrier, her shield, to hide her heart of glass that was so easily broken. Aspen bowed and turned on heal to leave. She walked calmly across the tile of the room her steps echoing loudly across the room. She reached the door and stepped out. As soon as she was out of the room and the door shut she let out a scream of frustration.
"That bad?" A voice asked. Aspen looked up to see Kian leaning against the wall, twirling a knife in his hand. He put the knife away before pushing off from the wall and walking to her.
"We have another job," Aspen said starting to walk down the hall.
"We?" Kian asked.
"Yes, we have a group who is targeting the king," Aspen said. "He wants all of us on this job."
"What did he say about your debt." Kian asked. She didn't answer just let out a growl of frustration.
"I could kill him, so easily to. I want to, I never want to kill again." Aspen said quietly, a dark anger heard in her voice.
"I know, but you'd can't, you know what would happen." Kian said. And she did, the last person who did that was caught and well, it wasn't good.
"But I will, just say the word." Kian said anger evident in his voice. She just shook my head.
"Kian, why hear, you don't owe him anything, just leave." Aspen said sadly.
"You know u won't, I don't care how long it takes, I kill as many as it takes to free you."
"Just go," she said stopping abruptly. "I already have enough blood on my hands, don't stain yours too."
"They already are, and I don't care about that, let them be red. It doesn't matter." Kian said forcing Aspen too look at him as she had looked away.
"You're not going to listen to me are you," she said with a sigh.
"Nope," Kian said. Aspen sighed shaking her head and starting to walk again.
"Thank you," Aspen said after a moment of silence as they walked.
"Don't thank me, that's not needed. You know i'll be by your side. Where you go, I go. Who you fight, I fight. And who you follow, I follow."Kian said. She sucked in a sharp breath. Kian knew so well how to break into her stone barrier, he knew the way to her heart, well he already had it. Aspen knew it was safe with him though. No matter how what, Aspen knew she could trust her heart of glass with him, he wouldn't break it.
"I know," Aspen said after a while of silence. "But still thanks anyway, now enough with the mushy shit, we have a job to do."
"Yeah, I love you too," he said fondly with a laugh. They kept walking until they reached our quarters. They were two of eight asassins that worked for the king. They all stayed in theses quarters together that had four different bedrooms attached to it. Two people would stay in one bedroom. Aspen and Kian walked in to see their group. Meredith sat on one of the chairs in the room reading, and she loked up from it as they came in. Meredith smiled st this pushing her brown hair out her face, " how did it go?"
"We have another job, all of this time." Aspen said sitting down on the couch beside the chair Meredith was in. Kian plopped down beside her, wrapping his arm around her shoulders.
"Another one, this is the second big job in a matter of weeks," Lucca said surprised from where he sat in another chair on the other side of the couch.
"Yeah, the king said this one is very important," Aspen said mocking the kings voice.
"They all are apparently," Raven grumbled from his seat in the back of the room by the bookshelf as he was reading. Meredith nodded in agreement, "Well, I better go find I better go find Lynx, Celine, and Kyra." Meredith said as she stood up.
"I'll come too," Raven said as he stood up and followed Meredith out. Aspen sighed, would this be her life? Would it always be like this, one job after another? It wouldn't be so bad with all of them here together but she couldn't stand the killing, not forever. Most all she couldn't stand how she was staining them all, all their hands were red with blood.
"Hey, enough of that. I thought we already went through this," Kain said snapping her out of her thoughts.
"What?" Lucca asked confused.
"She's upset because feels like she dragged us all into this life of endless killing, she hates the blood she feels she has stained us with." Kian said sounding angry.
"You know Aspen, that you couldn't keep any one of us here of we didn't want to be. We're in this now and we will be until you're debt is paid." Lucca said.
"That's just the thing though," Aspen spit out. "It will never be paid!"
"Well, we'll see about that. I think the king might change his mind with a little persuasion," Lucca said with a smirk. Aspen couldn't help but laugh letting her frustration and anger filter out.
"Thank you Lucca," Aspen murmured.
"I don't need thanks. Its no problem, you're my friend and all of us would do that." Lucca said as he stood up from his seat. "Well, I'm gonna go get my things together."
Lucca walked out of the room and into one of the doors on the left, which was his room.
Aspen couldn't help the smile that flitted on her face. Their life may not be perfect, and it was stained with blood, but they were together. She knew any of them would do that for her, and she would do this for any of them.
"See what did o tell you," Kian said smugly.
"Yeah, you were right."Aspen admitted.
"I always am, aren't I?"
"Let's not go that far, but you were right this time." Aspen said with a small laugh. Her heart would be safe with him, her heart of glass. It wouldn't be broken, by any of them, especially Kian. If this would be her life, at least she had them, had him.