Hello We Heart It, hello beautiful people!

It's Jovan here, and in my first article I'll be sharing a recipe for homemade fruit ice creams! Watcha think? Easy-peasy trust me! ;)

✧ I N G R E D I E N T S:

☆ milk - 300ml
☆ sugar - 120g
☆ vanilla extract - 2 bags (about 20g)
☆ cream - 300g
☆ fresh fruits (I used): raspberries,blueberries, melon, banana

✧ P R E P A R A T I O N:

Stir milk, sugar & vanilla, and slowly heat on low, until the sugar is melted. Add food color you want. Let it cool down a bit, and add previously whisked cream. Mix it all together, very thoroughly. Now, blend the fruits, and add the blended fruit mixture. All you have to do more, is to put the mixture in the freezer. And voila! You have your Ice Cream ready to surprise your squad!

M E R M A I D ◇ T A I L

For this one, you'll need only castor sugar and food coloring. Oh, well, and a little bit of imagination heh But, I'm sure you all do! Now, you can buy the castor sugar in stores, or you can either make it by yourself. After you've got it, simply mix it with the food coloring to match your Ice cream colors. Spread the powdered sugar, and using the rolling pin, make flat, not to thin base. All is left is to shape the tail the way you want. I wanted to make the Pink still, and the Blue and Yellow one are like on side, moving, swimming I guess.

Bon Appetite! ♡

XOXO, Jovan

p.s. you can see the full photo on my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BX5fUBplo1n/?taken-by=jovanvasiljevic