I'm based in Shibuya,Tokyo.
I'm shooting pics Shibuya city.
Then I edit pics as Dramatic/Cinematic style.

Abusive image
Inspired by movie: #BladeRunner / View from Shibuyacrossing in front of Shibuya Station to SHIBUYA109

Recently, my passion of photography is Rain .

city, night, and rain image
Inspired by movie: #BioHazard 4 ( #ResidentEvil )

My style is "From My Umbrella" (through the umbrella view)

If It's start rain I go and shoot pics at Shibuya city.

alley, backalley, and backstreet image city, cinematic, and night image abstract, alley, and art image blade runner, cinematic, and cities image

Umbrella create bokeh that raindrops reflected neon lights.
And puddles of road reflected neon lights and It's sparkling coloful lights,people silhouettes.
It's just an art!

city, night, and photo image

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