Jenny Maloney passed a bowl to her mum and continued chopping carrots for the lamb stew. As Mary Maloney took the bowl, the doorbell rang and Jenny raced to answer. On the doorstep stood a severe woman wearing a grey suit and very high heels. She smiled coldly at Jenny and stepped past her into the kitchen, ignoring Jenny’s protests. “Mrs Maloney,” the woman spat. Mary spun round, gasped and dropped the leg of lamb in her hand. Jenny leapt forwards to clean it up, but Mary stopped her. “Go upstairs, Jenny.” Something told Jenny not to argue, so she went, but sat down on the top step to listen.

“What are you doing here?” Mary sounded brutal.
“I know it has been a while since-“
Mary cut the woman off. “A very long while Ms Edwards.”
“Since your husband was murdered,” Ms Edwards finished. Jenny had to stop herself from screaming. Murdered?! Before she could react, the woman spoke again. “You needn’t give me such an innocent look Mrs Maloney. I know as well as you who killed Patrick.”
Mary’s voice stuttered a little. “Oh?”
“And I actually wanted to ask how you did it. How did you kill my fiancé?”
Jenny’s mouth dropped open. Could this possibly be true?

When her mother spoke again, Jenny could hear her smiling. “If you must know, I used a leg of lamb.” There was a loud thump from downstairs followed by silence. Then out of the silence came quiet, calculated laughter.