I think we can all agree that having a Tumblr room is #goals. But it can be hard pinpointing what make these rooms so visually pleasing. I'm going to give you 7 ways to have the most Tumblr room.

Method 1 - Neutral bedsheets

bedroom, bed, and home image

This a key element in having a Tumblr bedroom. It really brings the room together and is a cheap way to revamp the vibe of the room.

Method 2 - Fairy Lights

bedroom, light, and room image

Fairy Lights have been a Tumblr staple since 2013. This is by far the easiest way to make a room feel more Tumblr.

Method 3 - Polaroids

photo, memories, and photography image

Polaroids are a cool retro way to showcase your interests, friends, and family. The white border around the outside of the photo also makes them look organized and super Tumblr.

Method 4 - Desk Layout

home, room, and white image

Making sure your desk layout is always clean and organized to ensure maximum photo-readiness.

Method 5 - Wall decoration

grunge, quotes, and indie image

Wall collages can be a series of color coordinated picture or a collection of things you really like.

Method 6 - Wall Tapestries

room, bedroom, and bed image

Wall tapestries started gaining popularity in late 2015 and have quickly become a staple alongside fairy lights.

Method 7 - Record Player

music, vintage, and light image

Record players are hardly new to any scene but have become a cool girl must have this past year. Bonus: Vinyl cover art looks amazing when displayed on walls.

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