if I look back in time I'm pretty sure that I will see myself in some corner writing. I've always believed that writing is something more than putting words together until it makes sense. Writing is a way to express yourself, it is a way to get people closer, to share ideas, to create new worlds and mostly to make this world a better place.

Maybe this looks a little utopian and romantic but for me this is the only truth. If people start trying for this world that wouldn't be just an impossible dream.

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What this world needs is a revolution. No, not this one. We do not need weapons, terrorism, victims and disasters. Our revolution is a revolution of art, love, music, laughs, happiness. A revolution from the human for the human.

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I want to believe that there are more people out there passionate about life and the beauty of creating, people that care, try and fight for their world.

The world needs more people like this. People that believe that love is the only solution. That peace is the only way. And I know that saying all these things is easier than doing them but is worth trying.

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My weapon is my pen. The paper is my voice to the world. I write because I care and I want to see a change that matters.

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Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Make your lives extaordinary.
Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.