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It's exactly 2:00 in the morning. I could be vulnerable and tell the world through this new awesome feature of my beloved Weheartit, how crazy the last hour of yesterday (Tuesday) was for me. But instead I shall tell a story of a love. A love unlike you've ever known. MY love for this website. Now I know many would start to read this article and think "what an ass kisser". But if you were me and you knew what I am about to tell you, you'd fall in love all the same. It was back in 2010. I was googling a photo that I was looking for and I came upon an image. The image had a link like many others, I clicked said link and was taken to WHI (weheartit for those whom don't know). Instantly I was hooked.

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There were many reasons why that was so. Reason one: I could search any image and find it. Reason two: I could follow whomever without them yelling at me in a comment section:FOLLOW ME BACK. Or encounter the passive aggressive kind: follow for follow? (Insert eye roll here). Reason number three which is really my reason number one, the community was so POSITIVE. I've had them all Myspace, Facebook, youtube, Instagram, and I've found that if it has a comment section, it'll have tons of hate with a side of a horrible system that says "Click here to report" as a sick social network form of sarcasm. But that was never the case for weheartit. Still isn't. So like any good sister would, I told all five of mine. Yes, you read that right, I have five sisters and two brothers. I even told a few other people I knew of the website and they have all converted to WHI religion. Sometimes I may not get to speak with my sisters throughout the day, so I don't know what they've been up to until I open my weheartit app and see all they've been hearting. It's a sweet way of stalking them. LOL

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With any good thing in life, if it's good and beautiful why not share it? Those whom I've shared WHI with, use it to feel good during their down time or for when they need inspiration for writing (me), tattoos (me), flowers(me), and anything else you could find that'll spark someone interest (sisters). This place truly is inspiring and positive. So I had to share the news of a site I feel could change the way many others ENJOY the internet. So If you take anything from this love story let it be this, if you find something GOOD in this life or in the next--if that's what you believe-- don't be afraid to accept that goodness or to share that goodness with the world. Now when I say the world you might think I mean everyone outside of the one you know, I do, but I also mean those closest to you. Because sometimes our worlds are the friends and families that surround us and you'd be surprise at how many hearts you'll find who need some of the goodness that was once bequeathed to you. Thank you for the opportunity to share my goodness from the most odd love story.
Happy loving, happy hearting.