I love my body!
We all know that's a lie,
you just googled how many calories are in toothpaste
Your head is always buzzing with calorie counts and goal weights,
it feels like it will never end.

There are monsters in my head saying
"You shouldn't eat that, you'll gain weight"
No, my mistake, they are not monsters, they are voices
Intelligent voices.

You search for the calorie count before eating anything
100, 200, no more than 300 or your thighs will inflate!
"Skinny is pretty"
"Pretty is skinny"
That's what we tell ourselves
A perfect body is all that matters.

Little do people know
You wait until everyone is asleep,
you shove your fingers down your throat and feel the daises rising from the empty pits of your stomach travelling up
and out spills the garden
It will force itself out of your mouth
but you'll be happy because at least you're not eating!

You learn things over time, like
To suck in your stomach until each one of your ribs are on display
You learn to make jokes about the apple that's supposed to be your breakfast, lunch and dinner.
You spend hours rehearsing lies to tell people when they ask if you're okay because they don't understand why you do this,
You don't understand why you do it!

Skinny girls bleed blossoms
they're beautiful
How could a monster... No
How could an intelligent voice make such pretty girls
Pretty, skinny, flawless girls.

There are 206 bones in the human body
On you, they each stick out like daggers ready to cut anyone who tries to 'help' because God forbid you can't see your hip bone!

Don't you wish you had the control to shrink
because you are tired of dividing your meals by two...
You learned maths this way!
You thought you would be happier like this, but you're not
Ever inch of your body aches from hunger.

Why do we obsess over being skinny
Having arms and legs that could snap!
You're scared to bring lunch to school because you might be tempted to eat?
It's okay to eat and not spit it out into the napkin you keep prepared in your bag!

Girls everywhere think it's normal to think these things,
to act out on these things, but why?
Our world is messed up, corrupt
yet we listen to the stupid things society tells us
"You must be skinny to be pretty"
"You must be pretty to be liked"
"If you are bigger, you are ugly"
Why do we listen to these things?
Think about it, this is the same society that dab every time they achieve something.

You are beautiful and amazing and perfect just the way you are
Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise!