The clouds secure the light
under their darkness.
Rain falls from the black sky.
The thunder screams, leaving
pounding on your ears.
The rain burns every last hope you have.
The light tries to rip through the darkness.
It fights, it fights, and it fights but the
clouds swallow it whole.

The rain continues to pour onto you.
You're left with no more hope,
so the rain trickles away your humanity.
Your mind goes to chaos,
left with the bitter thoughts in your empty mind.
You’re left not understanding,
why you?
You're left feeling alone.
You stumble across your own thoughts,
and tripping over your own words.

The light once again tears through the clouds.
It reaches for you and warms your freezing heart.
The pouring rain stops in midair, the thunder hushes.
The light is the only thing you feel, you hear, you love.
The light once again is hidden by the dark clouds hovering overhead.

The rain is still frozen, and the thunder is still quiet.
But you are surrounded by darkness.
You get back onto your own two feet.
The mud is gripping onto your ankles to prevent you from ever reaching happiness.
But you stomp through it, you fight tooth and nail
because you know that you will not give up,
you will fight.

You can feel the light fighting with you.
Finally, it breaks.
The light breaks out, and the darkness was defeated.
The light warms you again and restores the pieces you had lost of yourself.
The light stays by your side and protects you.

You don’t only have yourself,
The light is always by your side.
Never are you alone, it’s fighting with you,
pulling you through the storm.
Never are you alone, even at the hardest times.
Because this too shall pass.