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When we’re children, mere four and five-year-olds, we’re taught by parents and teachers and so many others, to be kind, to be patient, to be tolerant with others. Especially when it comes to something like sharing our preferred toys, or the attention of our parents with a younger sibling.
And it’s not always easy to learn.
For some, it becomes a trait that they know how to wield properly, but for others, evidently, it is a bit difficult to conquer.
Why is it so hard to be kind to others?
Think we all know the answer to that: No one has truly taught us the importance of it. Or, no one has offered the same patient love we expect to receive from our family, our friends, our acquaintances. Or, we sincerely think that because of all that has happened to us, others in the world do not deserve our kindness.
We’ve all been there where we think no one deserves for you to be loving and caring towards them, because who ever offered me that sort of privilege? But we don’t have to remain stuck there, where we think we’re the only ones who deserve better, under that fog that keeps us from being an improved version of ourselves.

Though we think no one has offered us that sort of kindness, I can guarantee that there has been an opportunity from someone who has been unexpectedly kind to you, and you either reject it altogether or are too surprised to respond to it in any way at all. (Or in the not too rare cases, where we reject a kindness that we know is not genuine.)
And there’s the sort of kindness that overrides any other, and has always been offered to every one of us, and that’s God’s.
And whether you have different views in matters of Who you’ve placed your faith in (or the lack of thereof), I believe we all can agree that kindness has always been a better latter for us to take.
It is utterly, utterly important to be kind.
For so many reasons.
For one, if we’re only kind to those who are always to us, how are we different from those who mistreated us when we were going through a rough day, a rough time? How are we different from them, whom we claim to despise so much for not offering a ounce of compassion, or support, when we don’t offer it to others ourselves?
Kindness shouldn’t be limited to just a small list of people we have carefully selected. It should be given to all freely.
Isn’t that what kindness is all about?
Because I have a hard time believing that if we are only friendly and loving to some, and not all, that can be called kindness at all.
And secondly, why not show kindness to all if we don’t know how much a single, negative comment can come to harm someone? Permanently scar them. Do we really want to carry that in our consciousness if we do come to cause a scar upon someone’s life?
I think not. We never truly know how a few impulsive, and unkind words can affect someone.
And thirdly, if we truly want to influence someone, and in a positive way, why not by showing them the oh-so-rare kindness the world offers? Compliment others. Encourage them to be better. Remind them they matter. They’ll see we’re different. They’ll see we’re not the same from the world, and guess what. More and more people will learn to be like you, kind and loving.
Because kindness is contagious if we are only consistent with it.
So spread on.
Spread on a Plague of Kindness.