Galaxy Enigma

by Miracle Townsel

galaxy, magic, and hands image

Then a spark of light.
Something ignited within your very being,
It told you to fight,
But you didn’t listen.
The flame dies down as if it never existed,
Nothing left but a tiny puff of smoke in the distance,
You never meant to be like this.
Another attempt to breathe again,
And you reignite with the love of your life,
The passion that you’ve carried for seemingly ages.
You flip through the pages of your past,
And you just [sigh].
Your present becomes redefined and intertwined,
You know you aren’t the same,
You no longer have the same flame,
But you burn anyway.
Between you and me,
This is who we were meant to be;
Without the barriers of grammar,
Or hidden English slander.
Anonymous says,
“We are all stars trying to light up the same sky.”
Granted we are stars,
But they forget that stars fall;
Composing and decomposing a swirling void of dark emotions.
These vast thoughts turn towards you like arrows,
And suddenly, you are the victim of your misdemeanor.
A shooting star is what you are,
Becoming far too distant for those to notice,
Falling far too fast for those to catch,
Burning far too bright for those to see,
That you are dying inside.

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