School is already here or coming for some of you so I thought I would compile a little bit of a to-do list for you guys to use!

1.) Cleaning Your Environment:
- Clean out your desk/study space and get rid of any pens, pencils, markers, or other stationary items that don't work anymore.
- Get rid of old school papers and books that you'll never use again.
- Wipe down your desk surface. bookshelves, and inside drawers.
- Move your desk around your room. Moving your study area will make you more motivated to actually use it!
- Go through your clothes and get ride of anything that doesn't make you feel empowered or badass. If you're not sure about something you'll most likely not ever wear it, so just do yourself a favor and get rid of it.
- Go through your soaps, lotions, moisturizers, and any other creams or face care items. Also go through your makeup. If anything is past date, crusty, or if you just don't enjoy how it works or looks on you get ride of it!
- Delete any unused apps or photos in your phone/tablet/laptop.
- Go through your folders/files on your computer and delete any you don't need anymore.
- Clean out your backpack and binders/folders/pencil bags. Vacuuming it out will help with a lot of the crumbs or other small pieces of garbage.
- Go through all the people your following on all social medias and unfollow them if they are posting depressing or triggering media or if you just don't like the person in general.
- Delete any emails and unsubscribe from accounts you don't want/need in your email.

2.) Small Changes You Can Make
- Start waking up and going to bed 15 minutes earlier everyday until you have reached a stable sleeping pattern that you will use once school starts.
- Print out inspirational quotes or articles and hang them up around your room.
- Change wallpapers on your phone, tablet, and iPad to inspirational quotes.
- Erase apps you know will be distracting (games, social media, etc.)

3.) To Buy
- Make a list of clothing you need for back to school shopping. GO FOR THE BASICS. TJ Maxx,HM, and Goodwill are always great places to find basic jeans or t-shirts. Go for neutral tones that can go with 4 or 5 outfits. There's no need to spend $50 on a white t-shirt that you can find for $5 at Walmart.
-Buy a few trendy items, but make sure they are comfortable and that you are buying them for YOU not to just "look cool."
-Make a list for school supplies. Have two different lists: a NEED list, and a WANT list. If you have extra money left over after buying the items from the need list, you can purchase items from the want list. You don't really need 15 different highlighters or 20 pens in different shades of blue.
- Buy any desk supplies you need such as a lamp, extra staples, a pencil sharpener, etc.
- In high school you really just need some binders, notebooks, pencils, and pens. Don't buy extra things just so you can look cool.

4.) To-Do
- Fill in your bullet journal/planners for important dates of tests or holidays.
- Finish any summer assignments as early as possible.
- Have fun! Summer is almost over! Make sure to make the most of it!
- Hang out with friends that you won't be able to as easily see during the school year.
-Make labels for binders and folders.
- Make goals for this year!
- Redownlaod those school apps (Quizlet, VPN, etc)
- Use the "FOREST" app to block yourself from viewing apps on your phone.