My Ms. Witchy

I'm just a little black kitten
Who has known Ms. Witchy for all of my days
Or at least I think that's so
I can't rightly remember it any other way

She's a wrinkly Witchy
As kind as she is old
And she loves this little kitty
So I've been told

I keep Witchy company
And she looks after me
Since no one likes either of us
We're the closest thing to family

Be it the grown or be it the short
All outsiders see is a witch of a woman
With an unlucky cat
And that's all the reason they need to be mean as rats

Witchy says be kind
even to such rats
They know not what it's like
to be a black cat

Her words are forgotten rather easily
When rocks, sticks, or words are thrown
And to hide the hiss behind my teeth
Cost me more than you'll ever know

But when smiling pumpkins sit on quiet porches
And leaves begin to fall
I roam the land with no fear of ghosts or ghouls
I strut my streets as if I were 10ft tall

Witchy smiles too
She loves this seasons air
We sit upon our quiet porch
And we watch the short ones stare

A brave one might approach us every now and again
With a "Trick or Treat" greeting that has never made sense
The usual Witchy would smile, hand out some sweets, and turn them on their way
But this year, Ms. Witchy smiles a wiry grin, and asks one girl to stay

The girl stands confused..but obliges the request
While I stare at Witchy and dread what comes next
She then turns to me, smiles, pats my head, then turned to the girl and said:

This cat is the closest thing to magic that I have ever seen
He has let me live a life far longer than I ever dreamed
When I was young thing, not much older than you
I was diagnosed with cancer too
But not long after I came across this very cat
I felt my aches and pains begin to fade
And I promise you this: To this day, the pain has not come back

The girl stared in amazement
and pulled the wig from her head to reveal a shiny scalp
Witchy picked me up from her comfortable lap
and laid me gently in the little girl's arms and I felt my heart gallop

I wanted to yowl, to scratch, to nip, to flee
But with such hopeful eye looking at me
My heart grew heavy and I knew I couldn't hope to get away

I looked to Witchy hoping she'd take me back
That she would change her mind
But Witchy just smiled, pet me soothingly
Then whispered into my furry ear:

I'm sorry I can't be with you
That I can't make time stop
But this is my last witching hour
And I won't spend it having you cry teardrops
And I don't want you to wake tomorrow to have no one in your bed

You can give this young girl hope
and she can help you too
She can protect your gentle heart
From this mean old world

So here is what I promise you
When you see my porch light turn off
You'll know I'm sleeping in my bed comfortably and sound
And tomorrow you can pretend that I was never around

I let out a yowl and wanted to bite her then and there
But she put up a finger to silence my cry
And simply said: Or you can remember me always and look to the moon
I promise from there is where I'll be watching over you

I hid my pained eyes in the little girl's arms knowing there was nothing I could say
And could only let the short one take me to her home across the way

I stared out the window all through the night
Hoping I wouldn't see that beautiful porch light turn off
My heart nearly stopped and I leaned toward the sill
As I saw the porch light flicker, flicker, flicker, and the light disappeared

Cats can't cry
So we suffer all the more
If there was ever times for tears
This topped them all

But through my raw sorrow
I remembered my Witchy's promise
And stared up at the moon
I stared with all my might, peering through the dark, obsessed as a loon

And that is when I saw her
My Ms. Witchy was flying toward the moon
She was on her new adventure
even if it wasn't with me

Then I turned to see
The short one sleeping
less than soundly

I pounced over to the little bed
Carful not to wake her
And decided this was my job
I was going to save her

I didn't know what Witchy had meant
there was no magic in me
I couldn't cure a disease
I could barely climb a tree

But one thing I could do
One thing all animals should
Was stay by your side
And make you smile
Even when you don't think you could

It's all I could manage
And that will have to do
But when you stop and think about it
Isn't that what magic is suppose to do too?

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