I like to think a person's soul is like the ocean,
Able to reflect what a person truly is.
That it is beautiful,
With hidden depths;
That can contain this awing life and individuality.
But like the ocean,
When evoked and tormented;
It turns black and cold and remains churning.
I feel like in today's society,
Individuality isn't excepted.
And that the society we live under churns and purifies our souls,
Over and over until all that is left is what they want.
A bland,
Shallow soul.
Or a soul that is so black,
And churning so strongly;
The person doesn't know whether they're the evil,
Or whether it's the society that broke they're soul.

I would like to think a person's soul is like the ocean.
But unfortunately,
Our world is poisoning our ocean with it's pollution.
And with it,
Our souls.

- M