In this post/blog, I will be touching on Mental health and possible triggers for some people. (Don't force yourself to read, if this subject makes you feel uneasy)

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This post/blog will be about the first OCD though I can remember from my childhood.
'I will be sharing this particular experience with you, using a 'Story-Like' tone (Dramatic Language) to make it seem more professional (Cuz I'm no writer haha soz <3) and I will also be referring to myself in the third person.'
As of now, it has been eight years since, and I'm still dealing with OCD and other problems and I'm having professional help, things are going well and I'm leaving a normal life, I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW, IT GETS BETTER! and maybe help you, by having someone you can relate to <3 (Quick note at the end)


This is the tale of a boy haunted by his past; he was seven when his world began to fall apart, he was so scared by his "paranoid (paranoia was a side effect of my severe OCD as a child) thoughts"...
There were two "demonic" entities initially created by fear and raised by this boy's worst insecurities and trust issues.

These two demons disguised as Statues, impeccably well from everyone else's eyes, therefore making the boy seem delirious.
Yes, the sad truth is that little boy's head told him to fear these ordinary statues made from clay chunks.

This little boy feared these two statues that lived by the front neighbour's door, as if they could at any second move and chase after him, this little boy thought those statues were coming for him.
This little-broken boy would wake up in the middle of the night, and even some nights he wouldn't sleep and wait until after everybody else was sound a sleep, so that he could finally get up after what felt like an endless cycle of pain, then proceeded to wander through the hallway, checking the clock that told the exact same time each second he checked as if the night was endless.

When it was finally 4 or 5 in the morning the little boy, while tired of walking and devastated, would go to bed and sleep for the last three hours.

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If you're interested in these types of posts/blogs let me know and i'll dive deeper into other disorders (Because I don't want to make this about myself but rather about an entire community <3)

Also, I do not claim any of the credits when it comes to the pictures