hey guys! so happy to be part of this new thing we heart it created for us.
I remeber the first time I used we<3it, it was so adictive and now I'm here, writing this for you.

I got to tell you, I had to stop using for a while, with school, internship, family, etc. it has been a tough year for me, but thank God I'm graduating from college (finally) and now I will have more time to do this kind of stuff. which is really cool.

Now I'm facing this new stage in my life, this being an adult thing is harder than I thought, new job, new people, new responsibilities (even more). I really miss being a teenager, when my only responsibility was school, now I have a boss, people complaining about everything, traffic, bills... ugh!

But I´m hanging in there, with God's help and my family of course. I really hope I can write these stories frequently, I love writing, even though I´m not an expert at it. Please exucuse my writing I'm from Mexico, so my english is not perfect, but my spanish is, lol.

I think with this I'm saying goodbye guys, next time I'll have a good story for you.

Take care wherever you are :)