1. Make sure to be confident!
Always fake it till you make it. I always try to show how confident I am even when I feel insecure because it shows my supervisor and co-workers that I positive and willing to work. When I feel confident I always feel good about completing the tasks given to me.
2. Bring a notebook and pen
I always make sure to bring a pen and something to write on because it shows the people at your job that you are excited to be there and ready to work. Also, bringing a notebook helps to remember any tasks or messages.
3. Ask questions.
Never be afraid to ask a question or to have anything repeated. At first, I was nervous to ask any questions, but I have to remember that I am new and do not know all the details.
4. Dress professional
Of course, the dress code differed depending on the internship. I tend to wear colorful and chic outfits that help me feel confident. To dazzle my outfit I pair everything with a statement necklace.
5. Learn
I will probably have more tips, but the last one is to learn. I like to soak everything in and write down all the new skills I am learning and what I could improve on.

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