Hey, you there. I've created this article to give you the tips and tricks to always look your best. You will never walk out of the house regretting an outfit choice ever again!

Tip 1: Tee Shirt

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White T paired with vintage jeans.

White T's give you the perfect minimalistic look.

Tip 2: Blouse

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Simple and Trendy

Blouses are versatile. You can dress them up or down. They're professional and casual. You can't go wrong with having this piece in your wardrobe.

Tip 3: LBD

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Little Black Dress paired with heel block sandals, beach bag, and some black shades

The Little Black Dress is a necessity for any wardrobe. You could wear it anywhere and anytime!

Tip 4: Skirt

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Jean skirt paired with a black tee and black belt

Now, I wouldn't say this is mandatory to have in your wardrobe, but I do think this is needed. Sometimes, you may have a certain event to go to and it may require you to wear a skirt, so, you can't go wrong with having a skirt or two on your rack.

Tip 5: Jeans

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We all should have this item in our wardrobe. I recommend you have both light wash and dark wash jeans, you know, to mix it up sometimes.

Tip 6: Heels

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Heels are great to have for fancy events. You should have both a skinny and block heel to spice up your look every now and then.

Tip 7: Sandals

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Sandals are a must for the summer. They are simple look for a casual day!

Tip 8: Sneakers

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Sneakers are the essential for any lazy girl. When days are tough you can just throw on a tee, jeans, and my handy dandy sneaks.

Tip 9: Slides

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I dont know about you guys, but I love slides. You just grab em' and slide your feet in, how easy was that?

Tip 10: Accessories

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  • Purse
  • Wallet
  • Glasses
  • Bracelet
  • Ring

Accessories are the cherry on top of a great outfit. They add a tad bit sass and sizzle! Every girl need these accessories in their wardrobe

Wardrobe Collections

"With good basics you'll have endless options"
— Unknown

That's all for now!