Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

There we sat on the blanket covered ground. The whispering of the wind and our gentle breathing. I remember it begin Fall because of the nice orange color leaves that causally fell to the ground. I, Joe, rest my head on Mary Ann shoulder. Both of us looking forward at the pond as the baby swan followed their mother. Children running up and down the path as parents tried their best to follow behind. That day everything seemed perfect and peaceful. Nothing could destroy this scene is what many of you think. But you only see what was on the outside but not what was on the inside. Inside I was sad, depressed because today will be the end. There will be no more Mary Ann, no more happy children playing, and no more swans. All that would be left will be faded memories and broken promises. Today I leave Mary Ann with sad dreams of what we were or were supposed to be.

I felt my phone ring in my pocket. I refuse to more and look for it. I wanted to enjoy every moment while it still stood in front of me. Mary Ann rested her head on top of mines. My forehead slightly wet from the tears that fell from her cheek. A few moments of silence will go and you hear her sniffles. Trying her best to stay quiet so I won’t hear. That was always her personality. She never wanted anyone to know she had feelings. She wanted you to think of her as some dull person but that was never her. My phone continued to ring until finally, Mary Ann told me to answer it. Lifting my head I grabbed the phone out my back pocket. It was my mother telling me she was ready. Without saying anything she knew and decided to stand up. She reached her hand out and I gladly grabbed it. As I stood up Mary Ann kissed me on the lips and walked towards the car. Still standing where I stood I took a final looked at the view. Our relationship was weird but we never question it. I was a girl and she was a girl also. I was a shy, quiet, hipster as Mary Ann was you outspoken, keep to herself, grunge lover. We were so different but so alike in many ways. You can say we were never in a complete relationship as we never went on any dates. Mary Ann would always kiss me and do different signs of affection. But we never claim either as one. Even though we’re not together I still love her as if we were.

Mary Ann honked the horn car scaring me out of my daydream. I walked towards the car with my head hanging down. Getting into the passager sat car, I looked out the window as she driven. My hand rested on my lap as my leg jumped up and down. Mary Ann yelling at me to stop I continue to nervously move my leg. She grew annoyed as she rested her hand on my lap. Just the warm touch of her hand made me stop. Through the whole ride, her hand rested on my lap. Soon we arrived at my house. She parked the car and look at me. Looking back at her in her eyes I lean forward towards her. Looking at her lips I slowly begin to close my eyes. Mary Ann moved her head to the side leaving me embarrassed.

“Get out the car.”

“Why are you such in a rush to kick me out?“, I barely whispered.

“The quicker you get out the quicker I can cry in peace.“, She said as she looked out in front of her.

“I promise you that I will come back.“, I said as I open the car door. I step out the car shutting the door.

"Don’t make promises you can’t keep”, she said as she drove off before I could fully step back. There I stood on the sidewalk looking where the car use to be. Everything was moving so fast and it was spinning out of control. As Mary Ann went everything went with her. I walked towards my house with tears falling down my face. Although she didn’t believe I promise that one day I will come back and see her again. But this time she will be mines and everything that happened before will be nothing but the past. I PROMISE.