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Me, the new one – new job, new city, new beginnings.
I crashed right into him, the very first day here, in crowded city streets: he smiled at me in the downpour and helped me get back on my feet.
-be safe-
He is early mornings, the sun drawing golden shapes through the leaves on the parkway to the job. I am the subway and p coffee. Atelophobia and adrenaline. He is the colleague, the “just ask if you need anything”. I am made of working late, the watch always entangled with the sleeve of the sweater.
He's got this sad look on his face, sometimes, that I just, oh I don't know. ..
But on the other hand he is always up for a laugh, he never minds my sarcastic answers.
He is the wind on rooftops, with the sunset reflecting on skyscrapers, the stretch after being hunched over for hours. And squared glasses.
A closed case, one spoon for two and way too many glasses instead, -that's how you celebrate a closed case!-. But you didn't mean sealing it with an alcoholic, guilty kiss, did you?
I am city lights at night, doodles on the side of the paper.
He is talking about everything on the night shift, the smell of hot coffee. And launch office gossips about her, the other girl...
I know I will get hurt if I get any closer and I shouldn't desire things that are not mine.
But I've got no room to breathe, still checking the display, still supercutting in my mind about cold hands on winter morning or friday nights talking about old movies...
Heart poundings for that glance that lingers, oh just one second too much.
He is the smile from the other corner of the room.
This is insane, he is just a bunch of atoms.
And every love song.
And the 10th commandment.

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- The 1975 - fallingforyou
- Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?
- The 1975 - Undo
- The Chainsmokers - New York City

Thank you for reading!
Juliet ~♥